What is Madison Nonprofit Day?

Madison Nonprofit Day is a volunteer-driven collaboration to empower change-makers by strengthening the social sector. We work together to build community, enhance collaboration, and expand awareness of the value that social good can bring. We connect today's and tomorrow’s change-makers, while working to demonstrate and illustrate the value of social good to the economy.

The Madison Nonprofit Day Conference

Ticket sales the Madison Nonprofit Day Conference have begun. Our single-day conference is an amazing skills-building and networking conference— one of the best in the Midwest. It brings together more than 600 nonprofit processionals, social entrepreneurs, educators, activists, philanthropist, students, and more.

Our speakers and panelists our professionals who understand the challenges facing nonprofits — start-ups or established. We focus on practical and applicable learning, even when dealing with emerging issues. So grab your tickets today!

Projects for Community Engagement

Every year, Madison Nonprofit Day creates a variety of projects and programs designed to engage a variety of communities with the nonprofits; engage nonprofits with the neighborhoods they reside in; and further nonprofit-to-nonprofit engagement & collaboration. We work with community leaders, nonprofits, businesses, and micro-entreprises to create experiential activities that mix learning with fun. We also develop resources for the social sector.

Here's a list of some of the projects / activities already under development for this year.

Community Assets Database (a.k.a. Daily411.org)

The community assets database is Madison Nonprofit Day's long-term project to create a web-based infrastructure for the social good sector of the Greater Madison Area. It will start of as a resource for various types of data: nonprofit jobs, speakers, consultants, facilities / event space, and nonprofit organizations. The goal…

Ignite Madison - Ignite for Social Good

Our collaboration with Ignite Madison is back. This year, we will work with them to create a full Ignite around "social good". So regardless if you are a nonprofit, a social entrepreneur, advocate, activist,  educator, or community organizer, this is the Ignite for you to take the stage. Share your…


It's back! Nonprofits:Ignite is a collaboration with Ignite Madison to train and showcase nonprofit stories. Participants get 5 minutes, 20 slides to tell a story and hopefully inspire others. In 2014, Nonprofits:Ignite served as the afternoon plenary for the Conference. People loved it. Videos are online. Discussion about how it will…

WORT-FM Radio Show

Each year, since 2012, Madison Nonprofit Day has hosted a Radio Roundtable on WORT. This year's show is scheduled for September 14, 2015 on WORT's Access Hour. No topic, moderator, or roundtable participants have been selected, yet.  Hashtag:#radioshow

Historic Nonprofits

Two years ago, Madison Nonprofit Day started collecting data around founding dates of area nonprofits. The goal was to find the oldest nonprofits still in existence (even if their name or purpose changed), as well as to just create a historic timeline of Madison based on nonprofit development. Last year,…

Top of State - Artists / Craftsmen with Disabilities

2015 is the 25th Anniversary of the ADA. Madison Nonprofit Day would like to work with other organizations, the City of Madison, and the Fed.gov around planning some events shining a spotlight on the ADA, historic efforts, and current avenues.  Hashtag:#25thAnniversary

Labor Day Cosplay

An idea that would pray for great weather on Labor Day and create an outdoor adventure— fun for families, geeks, and nerds. So custom play for nerds, geeks, cosplayers, & children and families. Have 10 or so different participant nonprofits that could provide activities, maybe work with Madison ComicCon, Madison…

Preparing for Change

Change can be hard. Whether change is required for transformative improvement, evoking innovation, or ensuring commitment to social or cultural values and norms, the struggle to preparea community for change is often ignored. Engagement is an essential aspect of invoking changes. Change requires willful orchestration and engagement with its participants.…

Volunteer for Madison Nonprofit Day

Madison Nonprofit Day is a volunteer-driven venture. From the conference which hosts up to 650 participants; to the community events & activities that engage thousands with the nonprofits that directly effect their lives; we can't do it without you. Each year, 30-40 individuals who want to make a difference, who are looking for a challenge, and whom find joy in the success of bringing organizations of different purposes, missions, and services together, step-up and volunteer for Madison Nonprofit Day. We hope you are one of them.

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