the Madison Nonprofit Day Conference

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center

1 John Nolen Drive, Madison, Wisconsin

A one-day, skills-building and networking conference focused on the social good sector—nonprofit professionals, volunteers, graduating students, social entrepreneurs, community advocates, public servants, and others. It's volunteer-driven, cross-sector, cross-discipline, collaborative conference that brings together over 650 local and regional professionals.

Be invigorated. Join us for the Day.

Take over Monona Terrace. Join a small army of activists and advocates for social good, as they grow their passion, share their experience, and learn the skills needed to do good, better. It'll be you, your crew, and 600+ social and civic leaders. Awesome.


Listen to, converse with, and be inspired by more than 30 fascinating civic and social good leaders and your fellow attendees.

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We've got engagement levels for you— from the basic Q&A; to participatory; to the roll-up your sleeves and get to work— your engagement style is covered.

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Meet, greet, and hangout with 600+ new friends, allies, and collaborators. Make connections, self-driven or through our ambassador program.

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We all need a break. The Conference offers respite from your daily grind; but the conference activities offer a mental break from the conference.

The Madison Nonprofit Day Conference is a roll-up your sleeves, dig-in, and hold-on conference. It brings civic and social 'do-gooders' from around the midwest to learn, connect, and grow in a single, exhausting, invigorating, inspiring, and awesome day.

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Have Conversations. Dive deep into Experiences. Learn more.

It's early yet, but we've already started gathering cross-sector leaders to share and engage with you— their skills, expertise, and the secrets of their success. Here's a small taste of what's to come. We'll be confirming and adding new workshops and presenters all July, and the full schedule will be announced September 5th. The Conference offers 3-4 pre-conference workshops, and between 25-30 conference workshops across six time slots to select from.

Katie Belanger
Katie Belanger
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Technology has changed the way we work. Discover how to better use technology to engage your team and achieve your mission.

Jerritt Johnson
Jerritt Johnson
Effective Fundraising

We all know fundraising is an essential to nonprofits. This session will provide you with tools to engage all levels of your organization in fundraising.

Jerritt Johnson
Shawn Steen
Keeping Loyal Volunteers

Loyal, long-term volunteers are out there— you just have to find them! Learn to recruit and manage volunteers who do good work and increase your agency's capacity.

Joe J. Hankey
Joe Hankey
Unconscious Bias At Work

Unconscious bias impacts our daily lives— the ways that our organizations function from the board to staff. Combat the role of has unconscious bias in your workplace.

Jeff Russell
Jeff Russell
Developing Resilience

While the stress of life takes its toll on many of us, there is a pathway to strengthening our capacities for dealing with life’s uncertainties.

Deb Wisniewski
Deb Wisniewski
The Secret to Engagement

"Engagement" is one of the hottest topics in the nonprofit world. How do we engage board members, volunteers, community members and program participants?

Josh Klemons
Josh Klemons
Producing Great Content for Social Media

Decipher the difference between created vs curated posts and learn how to use each to effectively.

Megan Watt
Megan Watt
The Power of Connection

Discover a new take on networking. This session illustrates the importance of connecting with others and how to use a giving mindset when doing so.

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