Working Together, Better

Madison Nonprofit Day 2014

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Monona Terrace and Convention Center

Madison Nonprofit Day is an one-of-a-kind, multi-dimensional, multi-day event. We grow awareness about all the good things that nonprofits contribute to making the region a great place to live. We connect nonprofits with each other, social entrepreneurs, educators, corporations, and the community-at-large. We offer learning and professional development opportunities that increase skills, capacity, and provide education and networking opportunities. The Day, and the month of events & activities leading up to it are designed to strengthen the bonds between nonprofits and the Greater Madison Area.

This year’s theme for Madison Nonprofit Day is ‘Working Together, Better’ so we can actively explore issues such as public / private partnerships, nonprofit-to-nonprofit communications, combined social impact of nonprofit / corporate alliances and so much more.

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Call for Proposals

Madison Nonprofit Day (MND) is seeking proposals for workshops, panels, and roundtable sessions for the 2014 Madison Nonprofit Day Conference.

The Conference is dedicated to providing engaging education, networking, and skills-building opportunities for nonprofit professionals and community leaders. We are looking for presentations that are informative, relevant, provoke discussion, provide opportunities for participant engagement, and encourage opportunities for replication.

About Your Application

The Madison Nonprofit Day Conference covers six primary domains and a wide variety of categories, topics, and classifications up under those domains.

  1. Leadership / Management
  2. Finance / Fundraising
  3. Communications / Marketing / Social Media
  4. Technology / Data
  5. Organizational Development / Operations
  6. Volunteers / Programs Management

Content can cross domains (be appropriate for multiple domains), in fact, we highly encourage cross domain / discipline workshops. Each of the sessions are also asked to align with a type; Tools, Methods, Case Study, Panel. Tools mean the session is primarily about teaching attendees about tools. The methods sessions will be focused on statistical, analytical, and other more soft methods around leadership and management. Case Studies mean that you’re walking people through a case studies and the tools and methods used, and a panel means you’ll organize a panel.

Additionally, we offer avenues for counter-programming — sessions that don't fit in a primary domain, or sessions that provide energy outlets for conference participants, such as yoga, guided walks, networking sessions, etc.

  1. Counter Programming

You will be asked to target the audience(s) for your session, e.g. small organizations, large organizations, beginners, advanced, nerds, novices, foundations, executives, young professionals, government agencies, etc.

Some Important Details

The Madison Nonprofit Day Conference is Thursday, 2 October 2014. The conference is held at Monona Terrace & Convention Center, 1 John Nolen Drive, Madison, Wisconsin. The conference is a regional event, so you can expect participants from the Greater Madison Area, as well as Chicago, Milwaukee, Eau Claire, and Green Bay.

  1. You can submit as many proposals as you'd like
  2. Presenters are provided complimentary conference access
  3. Every session accepted will receive two complimentary tickets
  4. Sessions are 45min within a 60min time block
  5. Some pre-conference workshops of 2hrs will be accepted
  6. 5 Sessions of 75min within a 90min time block will be accepted
  7. Session Materials will be made available electronically

How to Stand Out

Our audiences love engaging, interactive / participatory workshops. They want to learn how to do things, and practice their new-found skills. They want to engage with you, the presenter, by asking questions and or providing examples. If you want to stand out, your workshop should:

  1. have clear and concise take aways
  2. discuss what engagement opportunities will be included
  3. have defined your target audience

We look forward to reviewing your awesome workshop and session ideas. Please submit your application, by clicking the button below.


Call for Sponsors

Be a part of one of the most important
community efforts in Madison to strengthen and grow our nonprofits.

Madison Nonprofit Day is an one-of-a-kind, multi-dimensional, multi-day event. It includes everything from engaging community events, strategic marketing efforts, a radio show, and an outstanding regional conference. The Day, and the month of events & activities leading up to it are designed to strengthen the bonds between nonprofits and the Greater Madison Area.

The Day provides an increasingly rare opportunity for cross-sector communication and engagement. Meet, greet, and share ideas with the individuals and organizations who are growing and sustaining Madison, as we explore new creative and innovative economic avenues. Are you looking to connect with decision makers, frontline service providers, creative and enthusiastic individuals tackling important societal issues? As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to connect and be recognized in the communities you serve.

Download our sponsorship materials below.

Donate. Every dollar helps.

Help us help our nonprofit organizations by donating to the Madison Nonprofit Day.

You can also mail a check to: Madison Nonprofit Day, 266 Waubesa Street, #2, Madison, WI 53704.

Thank You!

We're honored that you chose to support Madison Nonprofit Day. There are so many wonderful nonprofits in Madison and across the United States, so we are really glad you decided to help us. Your donation/sponsorship will assure that the 2013 Madison Nonprofit Day is a wonderful experience for the staff and volunteers of nonprofits in the Greater Madison Area, as well as local community organizers.

Please be on the look-out for your confirmation email and other information from us.

- Madison Nonprofit Day


Volunteer for Madison Nonprofit Day

Madison Nonprofit Day volunteers are awesome, Über devotees. Are you? We need:

  • Organizers we make the Day and everything that leads up to it, happen.

  • Queen Bees to take charge, and lead the organization of various community activities.

  • Honey Bees to work with our Queens to ensure that the nonprofit-to-community and community-to-nonprofit activities are well-planned, fun, and run smoothly.
  • Solitary Bees to work on Photography, Videography, and Writing.

  • Social Pollinators to spread the word, build attendance, spark enthusiasm through an array of communications, including social media.
  • Carpenter Bees who are detailed, organized, effective planners, and can also dab into logistics.

Whether you’d like to work alone, or in a group, we’d like you to help us change the world one event at a time.

I'm Über Awesome, Let Me Help Organize

Hello! My name is . I like to be called, . I live in and would love to volunteer for Madison Nonprofit Day.

I'm interested in opportunities. Please contact me via email at . Additionally, for follow-up, I can be reached at .


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